Conditioning Treatments

AMS offers the best in conditioning treatments, each tailored to your hair's individual needs. Whether, you are dealing with dry, damaged, tired, or just unruly hair all can benefit dramatically from the variety of our conditioning processes.

Which conditioning treatment is right for me?

Keratin treatment is the best-known semi-permanent hair straightening method done by temporarily sealing a liquid keratin and a preservative solution in the hair with a flat iron. Results eliminate frizz, straightens hair, and lasts up to three months.

AMS offers two brands of keratin treatments; both require a consultation prior to booking an appointment for service.

Lasio: An extra-strength smoothing process reduces 90% of curl and 100% of frizz. Lasio is a heat-activated treatment that infuses the highest quality and most keratin protein into the hair. Unlike other keratin treatments, Lasio is safe to use the same day as color services.

Cezanne: This popular conditioning treatment makes kinky, frizzy or difficult curly hair soft, manageable and beautifulโ€”and can reduce your daily drying and styling time by 33 to 50%. Formaldehyde-free Cezanne works immediately, allowing you to wash, color or pull back your hair for a full-on workout as soon as you're done. Although this process is effective for many hair types, it does not work with some color-treated hair.

Inphenom: Japanese hair geniuses Milbon created this five-step, twenty-minute conditioning treatment, which restores moisture, maintains shine, and preserves color by replenishing essential moisture deep inside. This process is a relaxing, scalp massage, which includes your stylist pin-wheeling hair into soft ribbons.

Milbon Smooth (formally known as Linkage Meu): Three-step conditioning process improves hair texture, making it silky, smooth, and soft for weeks. Milbon works on all hair types and is accompanied by a four-week take-home treatment for the client. The after-care conditioner can extend results for up to four to five weeks. Conditioning treatment takes fifteen minutes and can be done after color while being washed and conditioned.

Milbon conditioning treatments do not require consultations inquire with your stylist.

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