Alex Molchadskiy

Senior Stylist & Owner

Alex Molchadskiy, man of few words, is one of the most talked-about stylists in America. An earlier adopter of his now signature dry cutting technique, Alex honed the styling skills he brought from Odessa, Ukraine on Madison Avenue where he worked under celebrity stylist Kevin Mancuso and at Peter Coppola Salon. About ten years ago, he came to Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse section to open up his own boutique salon.

Alex has a no-nonsense, instinctive approach to cutting hair. A dry cutting pioneer, he instantly hones in on your hair’s natural texture and type, and creates a look that accentuates your face’s features and shape. Alex creates both scissor and razor cuts, and provides note-perfect blowouts on long hair and on-point directional blowouts on shorter styles. Alex has worked behind the scenes at the Academy Awards and has tended to the tresses of Hollywood's most high profile stars such as Lisa Kudrow and Julianna Margulies.

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