What is balayage?

Hair painting, also known as “balayage,” a technique that’s different from more common methods of hair coloring. (It’s not a look, or a trend, although it can make you look trendy!) Derived from the French word for “to sweep,” balayage employs custom-made hair paintbrushes and patented L’Oreal color to create highlights with a natural look and softer re-growth.

The process, says AMS senior colorist and balayage pro Megan Reilly, differs from traditional foils or corrective color. Balayage offers a more textured results that work well for ombre styles. The technique itself is also well suited for curly hair, since the paintbrush can wrap color around curls, even tight curls. Most balayage color takes about the same time as foils, but can also be used as a quick pick-me-up for tired hairlines.

Balayage’s results: Soft, low-maintenance color that grows out more in a fingertip shape than in a flat plane.

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