Dry, damaged, tired or just unruly hair can benefit dramatically from a variety of intensive conditioning interventions. AMS offers the best of the latest conditioning processes, each tailored to your hair’s individual needs.

What conditioning treatment is right for me?

Keratin: Best-known smoothing therapy offers reliable results for all hair types. Please call ahead for a consultation before booking a Keratin conditioning treatment.

Lasio: Extra-strength smoothing process reduces 90% of curl and 100% of frizz. Lasio lasts up to three months, and requires 24 hours before washing post-treatment.  Please call ahead for a consultation before booking a Lasio conditioning treatment.

Cezanne: This popular conditioning treatment makes kinky, frizzy or difficult curly hair soft, manageable and beautiful—and can reduce your daily drying and styling time by 33 to 50%. Formaldehyde-free Cezanne works immediately, allowing you to wash, color or pull back your hair for a full-on workout as soon as you’re done. Although this process is effective for many hair types and can last for up to three months, it does not work with some color-treated hair. Please call ahead for a consultation before booking a Cezanne conditioning treatment.

Linkage Meu: Three-step conditioning process improves hair texture, making it silky, smooth and soft for four to five weeks. Linkage Meu works on all hair types, and includes take-home treatments for the client. No consultation necessary.

Inphenom: Japanese hair geniuses Milbon created this five-step, fifteen-minute conditioning treatment, which restores moisture, maintains shine and preserves color by replenishing essential moisture deep inside. The process is relaxing and massage-like, and includes your stylist pinwheeling hair in soft ribbons. No consultation necessary.


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