AMS Braid Bar

At AMS, braids and ponytails are the new updo! Ponytails can be sleek or messy, high or low. Our braids are named after the ladies they represent.

To concoct your perfect Braid Bar cocktail, pick your braid, ponytail, or a combination of both. (Hint: we love a sleek Adele or a high Chloe!) Then accessorize with a hair ‘garnish’ or two. And for something extra special and runway worthy, add some extensions. No matter what you choose, you can be sure it will be totally special and totally you! 

AMS Salon Brid Bar examples.png

Make an appointment today at what Philadelphia magazine named "Best Braid Bar" in Philly. Call AMS Salon at 215-569-1515.



1719 Chestnut st 4th floor Philadelphia Pa 19103


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